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Steven Ramsay

Founder & CEO

Steven Ramsay
Essential skills
Creativity 80%
Leadership 100%
Experience 80%
Filmquoteability 70%
Digitalness 100%
Coffeeaddiction 70%


Steven, the founder and creative genius of Big Mallet has worked for too many agencies to name, so now just likes to talk about this one. He has created and launched international brands and spearheaded digital transformation for over 15 years, raising millions through digital fundraising. He loves 80's movies and is campaigning to stop terrible remakes from happening.

Natalie Broadbent

Chief Operating Officer

Natalie Broadbent
Essential skills
Sportiness 80%
Daughterlove 100%
Xerofactor 80%
Contentsupremo 70%
Proofability 100%
Proseccolove 70%


Natalie is a trained journalist and brings expert writing talent to our digital content services. Her previous role in managing digital for UK Sport gave her a fast track insight into the world of sport reporting. She now applies the same speed skills to her writing and editorial knowledge. She loves the idea of going back to the gym.

Charlotte Marsden

Head of Digital

Charlotte Marsden
Essential skills
Communication 80%
Enthusiasm 90%
Eltonobsession 100%
Ginfactor 70%
Psychomemory 90%
Doglove 70%


Char is our in-house digital guru, working as an expert digital consultant for clients as well as managing the digital marketing needs for their organisational objectives. Breaking down digital barriers, she delivers powerful campaigns, donor funnels and supporter acquisition. Her affinity with Elton John is at a divine level and she has an undying love for Chlorophytum Comsosum.

Sacha Harmsworth

Senior Front End Developer

Sacha staring in to the middle distance
Essential skills
Frontiness 80%
Designy 100%
UXometer 80%
Happiness 0%
Barryness 100%
Dietcokeconsumption 100%


Sacha is a man on a mission to rid the web of dark patterns. He is a leading authority on user-centred design and bridges the gaps between psychology, accessibility and technology. When he's not saving the world from Comic Sans, he loves to spend time with his wife and two kids, who all confirm that he used to be funny.

Faith Lowe

Project Manager

Faith Lowe
Essential skills
Americanisms 80%
Trellolove 100%
Persistence 80%
Compassion 70%
Islalove 100%
Organisation 70%


Faith comes complete with an awesome American accent. Before she discovered her lifelong love affair in Project Management, she studied primary school teaching. Since she moved from the US to the UK, she hasn't taken her foot off the "gas" - helping Big Mallet and an array of charities become super organised.

Maggie Ray

Technical Support Developer

Essential skills
Helpfulness 80%
Dedication 100%
Infiltration 80%
Supportfactor 70%
Quiltiness 100%
Catlove 70%


Maggie is at the heart of client support and is dedicated to delivering help and guidance where it is needed most. Her knowledge is broad and insightful across our Trello boards. The same breadth of skill is applied to her contemporary abstract quilting designs which belong in a gallery. Her time living in Holland has given her a love for a open-face sandwich.

Rory Downes

Full Stack Drupal Developer

Rory Downes working at a desk
Essential skills
Problemsolving 80%
Drupalisms 100%
Nerdfactor 80%
Plantlove 10%
Danceability 100%
Positivity 70%


Rory is our full stack lynchpin who champions open source development and the global Drupal community that supports it. He likes to problem solve like a living enigma machine and has a passion for deep code analysis. When he's not coding he enjoys a spot of dance depending on the mood and the way in which the music takes him.

Jatin Dang

Drupal Developer

Essential skills
Speed 80%
Ninjaness 100%
Politeness 80%
Skill 70%
Quality 100%
CSSfactor 70%


Jatin is our styling ninja. Whatever look you're after he will code it for you. He works UK hours from his base in India but doesn't mind as long as there is pav bhaji at the end of the day.

Liz Swinney


Liz Swinney
Essential skills
Financeyness 80%
Paymentpower 100%
Invoiciness 80%
Countiness 70%
Receipthunter 100%
Supportive 70%


Liz is our finance guru, in a previous life Liz was an accountant so she loves Xero, as she can track, poke, and send anything to do with a transaction from a client invoice to an expense. Liz does enjoy the odd holiday somewhere very hot and enjoys babysitting for her grandchild in Thailand from time to time.